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The author invites the reader to join him in a conversation that discusses current-day issues in the field of education. The dialogue examines the goals of education and its role in society. It goes into aspects of the production function of education and the characteristic traits it aims to produce in prospective students who will make up the prevailing citizenry of our society.


Further, it lays out a program for preparing college students interested in becoming teachers. It takes a novel approach to educating and training teachers. It expands the training to the entire realm of school staff and educational personnel.


Additionally, it engages the reader in discourse concerning the teamwork essential for delivering effective educational service from the national level to local levels. It suggests methods of evaluation and oversight to effect needed change in educational efficacy.


Also, A New Educational Paradigm, Perspectives on Education talks about instruction that works, as it examines education delivery from the classroom viewpoint. It takes a detailed look at the current COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on educational processes. It makes an analysis of the various levels of government and their impact on educational processes in terms of the bottom line on the service levels to local communities. Finally, it completes the discussion by drawing relevant conclusions that serve to offer ideas for significant change in how education is produced in today's society.

A New Educational Paradigm, Perspectives on Education

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