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Eric Frazier is a fresh voice with 33 years of experience in education. He has a wealth of
insight on Diversity, The Pandemic, Equity, Vaccinations, Homeless students, Special education students and more. Eric Frazier’s background in the field of Education encompasses the gamut of educational professions. He taught on levels from pre-school to college. He trained one third of the School District/Central Board Test Coordinator Liaisons in New York City Under then Director Ron Ladonne. He was the head of testing for preschoolers in the areas of cognitive ability, hearing and kinetic aptitude in Brooklyn, New York School Districts of East New York, Brownsville, and Bedford Stuyvesant. He also headed school-based testing in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He worked in every New York City School District during his capacities as a Central Board of Education School Improvement Facilitator and Central Board School District Test Liaison, interfacing with hundreds of schools. 

Eric was a master teacher who produced master teachers in his role as a Teacher Trainer and supervisor. He held such school-based positions as Pupil Personnel Coordinator, Dean, Teacher Trainer, Career Education Instructor and Chairman of the Discipline and School Safety Committees. Additionally, on the Junior High School level he taught Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Ecology, General Science, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Black American History and Public Speaking. On the High School level, he taught Black American History after school and on the college level at Southern Illinois University, he was a Sensitivity Group Instructor and Teaching Assistant in the Black American Studies Program as well as the first University graduate in that area of study. Eric did the ED.M in Policy Decision Making and the MA in Administration and Supervision as well as Doctoral course completion at Columbia University Teachers College. His Batchelor of Arts degree included a Major in Black American Studies with minors in Sociology and Cultures, and Economics. 

Additionally, Eric Frazier served in the capacity of Chapter 53 School District Reading and Writing Coordinator Brownville-East New York, District Special Education Placement Officer in Bedford Stuyvesant, Administrative issue Trouble Shooter - Crown Heights, including school base administration as Principal, Assistant Principal, Administrative Assistant and Pupil Personnel Coordinator, all in Brooklyn, New York.

He completed his most recent book “A New Educational Paradigm,” a comprehensive read that center on the condition of education in this new dimension. The book examines the goals of education and its role in society. It goes into aspects of the production function of education and the characteristic traits it aims to produce in prospective students who will make up the prevailing citizenry of our society. 

Published by Fulton Books, Eric Frazier’s book is a substantive exposition that will aid contemporary educators, administrators, educational programs, and government agencies in facing the challenges of today. This manuscript is timely and informative, aiming to lessen or completely eradicate factors that hamper growth and development. 

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