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"A New Educational Paradigm," A Perspective on Education by Eric Frazier

46 reasons Why you should be interested in reading this book!

1. If you have children in school.

2. If you know someone with kids in school.

3. If you want to know more about the Pandemic.

4. If you want to know how the Pandemic effects education.

5. If you want to know how to improve education.

6. If you want to have better prepared teachers, administrators

and educational school personnel.

7. If you want to know how to build student achievement.

8. If you want better safety conditions in schools during the Pandemic.

9. If you want to know how leadership makes a difference in education.

10. If you want to know what it means to be educated.

11. If you want to know the impact of education on society.

12. If you want to know how to get students more interested in school.

13. If you want to know how new teachers can be trained better.

14. If you want to know how home environments can impact student learning.

15. If you want to know how distant learning vs in school learning effects your child’s education.

16. If you want to know how distant learning effects children with special needs.

17. If you want to know why schools have to close during the Pandemic.

18. If you want to why less teachers are working during the pandemic.

19. If you want to know the effects of community spread of the Corona Virus

on schools.

20.because it demonstrates what we lost sight of in terms of what education is supposed to do, its product and its impact on society.

21. because it lays out a plan for how to train college students who wish to be prospective teachers and how to monitor their progress 3-5 years into their careers by evaluating student achievement.

22. because it changes how students are prepared to become teachers by altering college education curriculums to two years liberal arts and last two years in schools physically and virtually.

23. because it talks about retired teachers as trainers and mentors as opposed to in school training that currently leaves more to be desired.

24. because it Changes how all education personnel are trained and evaluated.

25. because it changes leadership emphasis and develops consistent evaluative and oversight processes throughout the levels of education including Federal, State, City, and Local School Districts.

26. because it discusses the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic on Education in detail.

27. because it discusses the efficacy of pandemic vaccines as it relates to education.

28. because it reinforces the value of education.

29. because it discusses the impact of education on every aspect of society.

30. because it adds services and personnel to schools that help to aid parenting.

31. because it discusses a plan for helping students with psychological and mental stress situations.

32. because it lays out a realistic set of ideas regarding students going back to school in a pandemic environment.

33. because it discusses the effectiveness of hybrid learning verses traditional learning.

34. because it talks about educated people verses people who are trained.

35. because it is a book whose information we can no longer do without.

36. because it is timely and very much needed.

37. because the information is organized and succinct.

38. because it advocates for the proper status of teachers in our society.

39. because the topics are hot and it is what grabs the interest of people these days.

40. because it there are groups of educators, book clubs, media, friends TV and radio people anticipating its release.

41. because It's an encouragement for people locked inside due to the pandemic.

42. because a Jazz artist ( wrote this book as a way of making good use of time and a way of giving while there were no gigs during the pandemic!

43. Because it’s an inspirational idea for searching souls.

44. because it is the author’s expertise as a former educational executive.

45. because the author has a radio station on and a TV show "Cultural Spectrums and Jazz Pearls (google)" both of which are helpful in pushing the narrative.

46. because it speaks truth to power and puts decision makers and implementors on notice.

It is for the above reasons and more that you should read this book!

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